Third Argo Delayed-Mode Quality Control Workshop (DMQC-3)
Wed Sep 10 to Fri Sep 12, 2008
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington, USA

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Meeting Venue

Fleming Room (Room 425), Ocean Sciences Building, University of Washington

Here is a map of the University of Washington campus. Ocean Sciences Building is located near the corner of NE Boat Street and Thurston Lane / 15th Ave. NE (coordinate 15-I on the map). The address is 1492 NE Boat Street.

Hotel Information

There are several hotels near the University of Washington that are within easy walking distance of the meeting venue:

  • University Inn, 4140 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle WA, Phone 1-206-632-5055
  • Watertown Hotel, 4242 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle WA, Phone 1-206-826-4242
  • Hotel Deca, 4507 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle WA, Phone 1-206-634-2000

Participants are advised to make their hotel reservations early, as September is a busy month in Seattle. The weekends of 6th & 13th Sept 2008 are especially busy because there are American football games at the local UW Husky Football Stadium, which usually draw many out-of-town visitors.

Please contact Annie Wong ( if you have trouble making your hotel reservation.


The easiest way to get from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to the University of Washington and any of the hotels listed above is to take a shuttle (approximately USD$21 + tips) or taxi (approximately USD$40 + tips) from the airport.

More information on travel to UW can be found on


Click here to download the draft agenda (as of 29 August 2008)

List of participants (as of 7 August 2008)

Annie Wong,, University of Washington, USA
Stephen Riser,, University of Washington, USA
Brian King,, National Oceanography Centre, UK
Justin Buck,, British Oceanographic Data Centre, UK
Mathieu Ouellet,, Fisheries & Oceans, Canada
Christine Coatanoan,, IFREMER, France
Virginie Thierry,, IFREMER, France
Stephanie Guinehut,, CLS/Space Oceanography Division, France
Birgit Klein,, BSH, Germany
Tomoaki Nakamura,, JAMSTEC, Japan
Taiyo Kobayashi,, JAMSTEC, Japan
Nobie Shikama,, JAMSTEC, Japan
Megan Scanderbeg,, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
John Gilson,, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
Zenghong Liu,, Second Institute of Oceanography, China
Chaohui Sun, Second Institute of Oceanography, China
Gregory Johnson,, NOAA/PMEL, USA
Kristene Mctaggart,, NOAA/PMEL, USA
Paul Robbins,, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
Breck Owens,, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
Sudheer Joseph,, INCOIS, India
Giulio Notarstefano,, OGS, Italy
Pierre-Marie Poulain,, OGS, Italy
Esmee van Wijk,, CSIRO, Australia
Tseviet Tchen,, CSIRO, Australia
Moon-Sik Suk,, KORDI, Korea
Joon-Yong Yang,, NFRDI, Korea
Vicki Halliwell,, NOAA/AOML, USA
Elizabeth Forteza,, NOAA/AOML, USA
Steve Piotrowicz,, NOAA/Ocean.US, USA